One of the most important things that I did to fast track my horsemanship and gain depth of knowledge and vast experience  was through the immerison of living and working with the best trainers I could find around the world. I always went as high as I could to the top of the list of people I admired in horsemanship. I worked with them, studied with them and if possible lived on their facility – totally immersing myself in their way of working with horses. I did this for many years in dressage training stables, jumping and eventing stables and in natural horsemanship. Nothing beats this level of immersion and living the daily routine. You learn the habits of commitment and dedication required for great success. You learn the layering, consistency and frequency of doing a systematic learning program with a horse and you learn the little extra things that often there is no time to teach in courses. There is a depth of learning to be gained that is not gained in other ways of learning. You also learn by osmosis as you are living the learning daily.

I have some openings for some long term  live in students (3, 6, 9 or 12 mth options). The payment options for this learning are to either pay in dollars or barter in exchange for caretaking, admin, filming or with whatever other skills you have to offer that might be helpful. There are options for shorter time frames but my preference is for long term students who may graduate to apprentice and protege status and who have professional goals as an instructor and or horse trainer. There is a definite need to train more professionals in this way of working with horses.

So if your interested in long term immersion get in touch. 

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