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Aside from the courses at ‘Alchemy Place’  where we regularly do long term courses in March & September ( 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 week courses), the annual Easter Retreat  and shorter 3 day courses interspersed throughout the year, there are set locations around Australia where I usually travel  twice yearly to support students and keep up continuity with learning. If you would like to join into any of these groups at the listed locations but you can’t see a date and details scheduled for that location just send us an  email and we can put you on the list and let you know dates and  details as soon as they are available. The locations that I usually travel to are:-

Bathurst, NSW
Macksville. NSW
Wilton, NSW ( via Sydney)
Brisbane/Gold Coast, Sth East QLD
Howlong, near  Albury, NSW /Vic border
Geelong, VIC
Albany, WA
Busselton, WA
Adelaide, SA

If there are a minimum of 6 students then it is possible to run additional courses to the ones listed in other locations.

If you are in DARWIN or SOUTH EAST QLD  and are interested in  a course let me know as we have a few interested in courses in these locations and are just needing a few others to make up numbers to run courses there.

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTS – Most of the courses have Early Bird discounts so check those out and book early to save.

 2018 Course Dates

Wilton (via Sydney), NSW  (TBA)

Feb 10-12 Intro Groundwork
Feb 13th- 16th 
 Intro/Intermed. Riding (will also include groundwork)
For more details click here.

Banyandah,  Howlong, NSW/VIC

Feb 24th – Feb 26th  -Introductory Groundwork course
Feb 27th – March 1 – Intro Riding
March 2- 7 – Intermediate course  
For more details click here.

“Alchemy Place” Accelerated Learning Module March /April – Moonbi NSW  

We have scheduled several courses close together to give people the option of combining courses together for an accelerated and deeper learning experience. You can gain a real depth of learning with these longer modules and really expedite your learning through immersing yourself and reprogramming habits and patterns in yourself and your horse – mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually.
For details about the combined courses making up the module click here.

Course details for the individual courses can be found at the links below.
Introductory Horsemanship Courses
March 17-19  Introductory Groundwork –
Find the details here
March 20-24 Introductory Riding – includes some healing sessions with Tony Robinson
Find details here

Healing Retreat for people with Tony Robinson –
Empower Yourself and Take control of your Life
March 27 – April 2
These Retreats will help Improve your Horsemanship as well as All aspects of your Life beyond measure.
Find details here

Intermediate Horsemanship -Mel Fleming & Tony Robinson
April 6-10
For course details click here.

Busselton, WA

April 14-16 Introductory Riding
April 17-19  Intermediate Course
For more details click here.

Albany, WA

April 21 – 23 – Introductory Ground skills Course
April 24-26 – Intro / Intermediate Riding Course
For more details click here.


“Alchemy Place” Moonbi, NSW

May – 5-7 Introductory Riding Course
For more details click here.



Macksville, NSW

May 25-29 Introductory Course
May 30 – June 3 Intermediate Course
For more details click here.

South East QLD

June 16-24 (TBA)

“Alchemy Place” MOONBI, NSW

6 week module   -Sept 3rd – Oct 12

Sept 3rd – 7th – Introductory  – Part 1
Sept 10th- 14th – Introductory – Part 2

Sept 17th – 21st – Intermediate I- Part 1
Sept 24th- 28th – Intermediate I – Part 2

Oct 1st- 5th -Intermediate II – Part 1
Oct 8th – 12th – Intermediate II – Part 2

For more details click here.

 Banyandah,  Howlong, NSW/VIC

October 31 – Nov 2nd – Introductory Groundwork course
Nov 3rd – 5th – Introductory Riding Course 
Nov 6th- 11th Intermediate course






If you would like to book a course, saddle fitting demonstration or consultations in your area please contact me.

Phone:  0428 385 745


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