“Alchemy Place” Moonbi, NSW – March 2 Week Riding with Synchronicity module. March 1-12



Turn your Dreams into Reality when you immerse yourself in the longer learning modules at “Alchemy Place”.

Your dream may be to feel more safe, confident and connected on the ground, or to feel safe, confident, balanced and in harmony on a trail ride. Or maybe, like myself, you want to go further and become an artist with horses and reach the highest levels of skill and athletic performance (like dressage, jumping or another equestrian discipline) and become one with the horse – riding  like a centaur – moving  fluidly together.  Being totally connected (one mind, one body and one spirit), enables you to reach the highest levels without force,  but instead, with honour and dignity for the horse. Whatever your level of  desire, these courses will set you on the path to achieving  your dream.

The  long modules, are designed so that you can  fully immerse yourself in a longer learning experience. These longer courses help people to incredibly accelerate the development of  their horsemanship and make huge transformations in their partnerships with their horses. If you are unable to do the full 2 weeks it may be possible to do  just one week.

Week 1 –  Introduction to Riding with Synchronicity –  Part 1  March 1-5
Week 2 –  Introduction to Riding with Synchronicity  –  Part 2  March 8-12

Prerequisite for this course is the  “Connecting and Fundamental Feel in Groundskills”  course.

Even though riding will be a big focus for this course there will still be groundwork components taught as needed to prepare horses for riding and to aid in the postural development of the horse. There are specific skills and techniques that will be taught  but the  content will be individually modified to meet the specific requirements and skill set of each horse and rider attending.

Italy 2012 399 websiteAbout Mel– Perpetually on a quest to develop her own horsemanship skills, Mel traveled the world learning and then as a coach.  Well known for her own horsemanship  skills, Mel  also has the ability to teach the intrinsic qualities of connection, feel, timing and balance to others. She realised that teaching TRUE  horsemanship was not just about teaching mechanical techniques but getting people in the right place in their minds and bodies and unlocking, re-balancing and reconnecting people to their physical bodies. These courses  consider all aspects – mind, body and spirit – and therefore invoke tremendous transformation for both horses & humans.




 Our state of mind and body, determine our success in any field, and it is none the less when working with horses. In fact, it is more so.

There are so many facets to this learning and in longer term courses, we can delve deeper and build understanding and skills layer by layer. The longer time frame allows you to go into great depth so you can truly change patterns and habits. By unlocking the mind and body, clearing limiting beliefs and releasing the physical restrictions that are hindering you, you will be greatly empowered.

The principles learned here will benefit all areas of your life. Experience the Magic of Horses & Experience the Magic of Yourself !!!!

AELEC140Horses are Magic – all horse lovers feel this and that is why they are drawn to them. For many people, their child hood dreams about horses were somewhat magical. Horses symbolise and embody freedom, spirit, power, energy, speed, strength and athleticism. This is what makes them magnificent and within all of this power is gentleness, softness and love. The sad part of this story is that often when the human comes into contact with the horse this magic is lost. Horses have been shut down, restricted and their spirits broken and instead of softness they have become full of defensiveness, fear and anxiety. Usually this does not happen purposefully it is just the way things have been with people and horses.

We can rekindle the magic of horses by developing ourselves as True Horseman. I use the word Horseman to mean the coming together of the horse and the man ( hu-man). I put the word True in front because the word horseman is used so commonly  that it doesn’t encompass what I believe the horses would classify as a horseman. What qualities would horses want in a horseman? Who would horses call horsemen? After all they are the ultimate judge. As a student of the horse here is what I have learned so far.  

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I believe that to a horse, a True Horseman would be someone who:-

  • Treats horses with absolute respect and dignity. Appreciating them for “who” they are and not just using them for what they can do. Dignity means choice – a real choice – not just making the consequences of not doing what the human wants so uncomfortable or even so painful that the horse has no choice but to comply.
  • Understands horses mentally – knowing what they are thinking and how they learn.
  • Understands horses emotionally – knowing how they are feeling about things and feeling compassion for them.
  • Understands horses physically – knowing how they are feeling in their bodies and how their bodies function. Knowing how they need to move with healthy biomechanics.
  • Understands them spiritually – knowing them at a spirit or soul level, knowing their deepest essence.

Primarily horsemanship is about working on ourselves. It is more about a way of ‘BEING’ than it is about a way of ‘DOING’. A way of being calm, still, centred and focussed in our minds and emotions, and physically aware and balanced in our bodies. This way of ‘being’ has to come first and then we can physically learn the techniques or what to ‘do’. Training the horse is secondary to developing ourselves. When we get things right, the horses can usually do things without too much trouble. Horsemanship is an interesting paradox because whilst it seems that we humans are the ones training and teaching the horses, the horses are equally teaching and leading us. The more we listen to them the better things will go. So learning to listen to them and feel them is the core essence of becoming a horseman. People talk about horse whisperers but more appropriately we need to become horse listeners.

Moonbi Nov 5 day course 2013 001webAfter learning how to ‘Be’ we need to develop a great awareness of our physical body so that we can be balanced, coordinated, athletic and in control of our body. One of my mentors, Gavin Scofield, said to me “the only difference between a great rider and a not so great rider is that they are doing different things with their bodies”. This simple but profound statement set me on a path of discovering what was going on in people’s bodies and how to change patterns in their bodies from patterns of restriction and tension which are not helpful to horsemanship, to patterns of freedom, balance and mobility. Aside from plenty of coaching on the horses, helping people to develop their physical skills is done through mind and body awareness sessions, simulations and body balancing exercises which incorporate aspects of yoga, feldenkrais, aikido, meditation and energy healing. To free up the body we need to free up the mind and the emotions, releasing any negativity, fear or stress. Getting away from your daily routine, relaxing, having fun with the group, the horses and all of nature, in such a supportive learning environment, will be very instrumental in itself for getting the mind back into present time and reconnecting the mind to the body.

3True Horsemen are very aware of energy and how to use it. Horses are masters of using energy so we too need to also become masters of energy, just like high level martial artists. When we learn how to ride with our energy rather than muscle force we begin to ride horses in the unrestricted way that they want to be ridden in. Once mastered this energy can be used for communication, health, healing, athleticism and performance.

louiseTo become True Horsemen we need to work on ourselves at all levels of the mind, emotions, body and spirit. As we develop ourselves we will start to find the magic in horses again. The magic of feeling in harmony with them when riding or just feeling their beauty, power and grace when in their presence. Your dream can start to become reality – having your horse calm and relaxed, mentally with you and moving with effortlessness and ease. As you develop things further you can experience the horse’s spiritedness, freedom, courage, athleticism and power whilst still having calmness and a mental connection to you. This is what we dreamed about in a fairy tale type dream – the magic of horses. Of course you are not going to learn it all in  a couple of weeks, but in these courses you will learn in a tremendously accelerated way and the learning is deep as we can build understanding and skills layer by layer.



Areas covered in this course will be :-

  • Further developing Centering and Grounding with yourself. Stilling the mind and calming the emotions. Develop energy awareness and how to use energy.
  • Connecting with your horse at mental, emotional, physical and spiritual  levels.
  • Understanding how horses think, learn, feel and play.
  • Learning Meditation and Healing techniques to still your mind, clear emotions and heal physical issues in the body – these techniques can be applied to both yourselves and your horses.
  • Learning body awareness, developing balance and correct biomechanics in yourselves. Learn how to move in a unified, effortless and free, flowing way.
  • Developing ground skills:- as physical therapy/rehabilitation, exercise and postural development; to build confidence in horses and people; to prepare horses for riding and simply to just play and have fun with your horse.
  • Learning Riding Skills:- Developing an independent seat, balance, coordination and body awareness. Ride with the qualities that horses are looking for, softness, rhythm, flow, balance, harmony and healthy biomechanics.
  • Developing horses to use their bodies with correct biomechanics – to have balance, hindquarter engagement and athleticism.
  • Maintaining horses curiosity and enthusiasm in their training – keeping them interested and developing their enthusiasm through both external and intrinsic motivation.
  • Positive Reinforcement and Marker Training ( If appropriate and time permits)
  • Extra learning as needed and as time permits about physical care and health for the horse, basic feeding, stretching, energetic body work and soaking and poulticing the feet and legs to maximize health and performance.

The courses will be taught from a multi – level perspective so people will work with the information at whatever level they are at. I have many students who are experienced horse people or who have done many courses with me before, come and redo the Introductory courses and they always say they get loads out of them because they learn and understand things at deeper levels and from higher perspectives. In fact, going back and starting at the start is extremely beneficial to your advancement as  you will be guided to develop your feel, timing and understanding of body mechanics and balance to a much deeper level. Doing the most basic and fundamental exercises, with a GREAT quality of feel and understanding, is the most important key to doing advanced things well.

If you are wishing to book for one of the latter courses and are not starting with week 1, please email for approval before booking, to ascertain that you have completed sufficient prior learning with me to the standard of the course for which you wish to book. I want to make sure that everyone gets the most out of their learning experience here.


Investment to begin the transformation of  you and your horse:

Pay early and take advantage of the Early Bird Pricing


Pay in Full by Jan 3oth  – Total price  $1035 (save $230)
Pay 50% by Feb 20th  – Total price  $1150 ( $115)
After Feb 20th – Full price – Total price $1265


Pay in Full by Jan 3oth –  Total price  $2070 (save $460)
Pay 50% by Feb 20th – Total price  $2300 (save $230)
After Feb 20th – Full price – Total price  $2530


To reap the full benefits of the experience we offer camping on site so you are able to stay fully immersed in the atmosphere. The prices above include your horse yard and you camping with an unpowered site. If you plug into power the cost is an additional $5/day.

There is a fully equipped kitchen for you to self cater, with fridges, freezer (limited freezer space), stove top, oven, microwave, kettle, toaster, sandwich press, cooking utensils, plates, cutlery etc. as well as  toilet & shower facilities.


HELPERS NEEDED: If you have had a desire to attend the longer courses at “Alchemy Place” but haven’t had the funds available to make it possible, I have some positions available where people can “participate without a horse” in exchange for helping out during the course. Duties will include horse care, feeding and yard cleaning, tidying of kitchen, bathrooms and classroom areas and preparation of the facility before the course.

Participating without a horse is a lot more than just auditing or fence sitting.  You would actively participate in all of the theory sessions, Q & A sessions, body awareness and balance sessions, healing sessions and simulations, as well as watch the demonstrations and observe those with horses practice and experiment with the exercises and tasks. You don’t necessarily have to be available for the full course length, however priority of position will be given to those who can do a longer time frame. Contact me for more details.

Truly these courses will accelerate the learning and development of both you and your horse beyond measure and the learning and development that you make will be an investment that will help you in all aspects of your life, home, family, business, work, health and fitness. The qualities that you need to develop in yourself to be good with horses are the same qualities that you need to be good at anything you want to do and to be able to enjoy life to its fullest. Students tell me all the time how things they learn at my courses help them to be better parents, partners, teachers, leaders, managers and in general happier more peaceful people. 

Contact Mel to book mel@melfleming.com.au


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