Endorsed Equipment & Horse Products and where to order them.


All masters of their trade love good tools. They know that the right tools make the job easier and get better results. This certainly also applies to horsemanship. Often when I am teaching. I pick up the lead ropes, reins or sticks that people are using and the FEEL and BALANCE  is all wrong. Or I see that the fit of the halter or saddle is wrong, or that some piece of equipment is ineffective or uncomfortable for the horse. The less experienced a person is the more important it is to have tools that are effective and easy to handle and that will also make it easier for the person  to learn. A very skilled person can manage bad tools and compensate to a degree for them,  but still will always prefer good tools. Good tools don’t have to mean the most expensive tools. In fact a lot of the tools I recommend are not at the highest end of the price range. To help people buy the right equipment and not waste money on the wrong things, here is a list of products that I recommend and the best places I have found to purchase them.

A lot of my basic training equipment comes from Horsemanship Equipment and if you use this link to purchase I receive a small commission which helps create the horsemanship programs that I am working on to help horses and people.    http://horsemanshipequipment.net/melfleming

Foundational Training Equipment

I prefer the Tufftack rope in the rope products – 12mm diameter yachting braid for lead ropes – it is the optimal weight, has better feel, is cheaper and is Australian made. I prefer the lead ropes without clips – they have better feel and communication and there is no chance of the clip bumping the horse in the jaw and hurting them or even possibly breaking their teeth !!!!

If you click on the highlighted words they can take you straight to the right place on the website to order.

HALTER– correctly fitting ROPE halter – 6mm soft rope with 2 halter knots.

LEAD ROPES- 12’ rope loop rope (12mm diameter yachting braid without a clip – Tuff Tack). 22’lead rope


STICK & STRING – Communication stick (4′ length) unless for a small child (3’length), the same thing as a carrot stick. Attaches  with a Horseman’s string  (6’string for 4’stick and 5′ string for short stick).

FLAGS – great for feeding if you are feeding in a herd situation and want horses to have good manners and not crowd your space.

HACKAMORES /BITLESS BRIDLES – Not that I am an advocate for only riding bitless but in terms of bitless bridles I have found nothing better than the simple rope hackamore. This has surprised me – I have tried many other bitless bridles on many different horses and kept thinking that surely some fancy bitless bridle has got to be better than just this rope – but that has not been the result of all my experimenting. The FEEL and  COMMUNICATION was better in the simple rope hackamore than any of the other bitless bridles that I tried. Also in case of emergency and needing to get a horse under control if they got a fright and ran off for example – the rope hackamore was way more effective.  I prefer the hackamores with the simple loop rein – sports reins- without the extra lead (mecate) rope part. The extra lead rope is just a heavy  weight hanging off the horse’s head and it also unevenly balances them just being on one side, so it is a hindrance for the horse. In the case of needing to tie the horse up on a trail ride or doing some ground work, you can always carry a lead roped tied to your saddle and attach it when necessary.


SAFE TIE UP SOLUTIONS – Much to most people’s surprise – tying your horse up is one of the most dangerous things a person could do to a horse. If  a horse pulls back with all of its strength, the damage it can do to itself (and anyone around) is huge – perhaps leaving that horse with life long injuries that will inhibit its health, happiness and performance. I usually prefer to never tie a horse solid – allowing the horse to have some slip. These tie up solutions are brilliant and they are transportable so you can take them with you when you go away.

TUFFROCK CONDITIONER FEED SUPPLEMENT – liquid – This link is for the 4 litre container but you can also buy it in 1 litre or 10 litre quantities – you will be able to find them on the website. I prefer the liquid version rather than bran based version as some horses are allergic to wheat products. It is a good all round health conditioner – not meant to be the sole mineral supplement but a great support to the digestive system. Note there is FREE postage on these TUFFROCK products.

TUFFROCK GI 1 LITRE –  great for horses with loose or liquid manure and then change to the conditioner. Note there is FREE postage on these TUFFROCK products.

TUFFROCK POULTICE 8 kg – an amazing poultice for legs – to detox and bring out heat or help with any damage to  tendons, can also be used on open wounds and aids healing, great for any heat or swelling type injuries, also great to use on horses after hard gallops or any hard work.

TUFFROCK POULTICE 1.8 kg – great for travelling as part of your first aid kit.

SLOW FEEDER HAY NETS – there are lots of different sizes of nets available here – different sizes in how much hay they hold and  the hole size. The  4 cm holes seem to be the best unless you are REALLY REALLY trying to slow them down – but smaller holes could be very frustrating for  a lot of horses – 4cm holes are a LOT smaller than standard haynets and will slow their intake down a lot. I found the premium nets to be tougher and longer lasting in these smaller haynets.



DRESSAGE WHIP – most saddleries or a good one can be found at http://www.saddleworldonline.com.au/product/9742-fleck-x-line-dressage-black-110cm.

LUNGEING WHIP – there is a great one that I recommend that has really good balance and feel. http://www.saddleworldonline.com.au/product-group/60505-fleck-economy-lunging-whip/product. I also stock these for people to purchase so let me know if you would like me to bring you one. $68

SADDLES & PADS – Can be purchased through me or the BALANCE website.


BALANCE SADDLES – Can be purchased through me -new and second hand.



SLOW FEEDER HAYNETS FOR ROUND BALES – a brilliant invention!!! Stop wastage, pulling it apart, manuring in it, walking all over it and sleeping in it & prevent them from being a gutz and eating way more than they need – slow down their eating and simulate grazing. Go to GUTZ BUSTERS

THE HORSE’S VOICE – best book I have come across on equine biomechanics and saddle fitting. Can be purchased directly from or by using this link. THE HORSE’S VOICE

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