Communion with Horses – Busselton, WA – Dec. 8th -13th, 14th-19th


Communion with Horses – The coming together of horses and humans, sharing thoughts and emotions through intimate communication. This course combines the teachings of

Mel Fleming – Connecting with Horses & Riding with Synchronicity &
Tony Robinson –  Horseman and Healer 

Got problems with your Horse ?
Can’t trailer load?
Don’t feel safe?
Want to have better performance in competition ?
Want to get your horse moving better with better biomechanics and more hindquarter engagement?
Want to connect and build the relationship more with your horse ?
Want to ride better, with better balance and more harmony ?
Got soundness and health issues with your horse that you can’t resolve ?
Want to ride and work with your horse without force?
Want to understand the deeper spiritual connection between horses (all animals) and humans?
Want more peace and joy in your life?

Connecting the Spiritual and Physical aspects of horsemanship.

We humans are not physical beings having a spiritual experience when and if we choose, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. So it is with our horses.  Just as important as it is that as humans, our mind, emotions and spirit are considered –  we are not just mechanical robots – so it is for the horse.  Horsemanship is not complete or reaching its highest potential until all aspects of mind, body and spirit are considered and in fact it becomes apparent after looking into this deeper level, that the spiritual aspects are the most important of all.

What are these spiritual aspects?

Horses, like all animals, are sentient beings with feelings, emotions, desires and purposes in life. They have soul contracts and experiences they have come to experience in this life time. They also have a higher purpose of leading people to consciousness, awareness and to being better people. They in many ways are here to teach us much more than we will ever teach them.

How does your horse teach you and guide you ?

At a rudimentary level through the physical things we do with horses on the ground or in riding, the horses teach us about focus, balance, clarity of thought, stillness, alignment, energy, connection, assertiveness, softness, presence, awareness in mind and body, the subtlety of communication via thoughts and energy and to be free of tension, expansive rather than contracted, in ourselves. These are the qualities that I discovered that we had to develop in ourselves to be great horse people and great riders.

At a deeper level, the horses teach us about what is blocking us and restricting us from going forward in our life. They show us the hidden and trapped emotions and energies that we carry that are sabotaging us. The horse’s awareness of energy, emotions and their connection to the spirit realm is far greater than most humans. Horses pick up on our emotions, even when they are subconscious to us. They know how we are feeling well before we do.

The horse’s show us, speak to us and try to get messages through to us via thoughts, words and pictures or through the emotions that they display, but usually the human does not hear or respond to these subtle communications. The horses then have to escalate their communication via their behaviours, by being what most humans would claim as badly behaved eg. biting, kicking, rearing, not wanting to be mounted, not going forward or not loading on the trailer for example. They will even try to get messages through to you by injuring themselves, getting sick or through any other form of unsoundness.

In the past horses supported humans through warfare, or as a form of transport and generally as work horses – horses have physically played a major role in the development of civilization. In this day and age their role is different.  Whilst there are still horses used for work purposes, most people now have horses for recreational reasons and their role in supporting humans is more of a spiritual nature.

Horses today are teaching people and leading them to find a better way of “being”. That is to be better in all aspects of themselves, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. It is only when we are operating from this better mental, emotional and spiritual place that we can physically be in a better place and ride with the quality of balance and feel that horses would like and that make us  great riders or horsemen.

If you would truly like to find a way with horses that is without force, resolve the problems you are having, be safe and enjoy your horse and reach the highest possible levels of performance that you and your horse can, then you need to learn to listen and find out what your horse is trying to tell you as well as learn to ride in absolute harmony and synchronicity with your horse. This course can be the starting point to learn how. These courses will set you on a path of infinite potentiality and possibility with horses and in your life. The healing sessions you will do in this course will literally be life changing in all aspects your life. Tony’s healing work and what he teaches makes the most profound changes in people’s lives – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. This part of the course alone will give you more than your money’s worth.

How did we come to this realization ?


Tony Robinson
Having had great success with horses all my life all of a sudden things didn’t work anymore. Coming from the bush and living and working with horses, dogs and stock,  day in and day out, I had already started to experience the awareness, deeper consciousness or knowingness of animals. Particularly working dogs – who without “training” would go to work and do incredible things like go out alone for 3 days and bring in ewes with young lambs that could not keep up with the mob. My working dogs already knew before I started my day what I was doing and would be waiting in the appropriate places in anticipation.

My healing work with horses began just to keep my own horses sound and performing well. It began with chiropractic, laser, bowen and then energetic body work. Things kept evolving to deeper and deeper levels. The horses were leading me to look deeper, because with each modality that I worked with I would have great results for a while, but then there would come a point where it seemed to no longer work. The work on a physical level evolved into looking at things at an emotional and spiritual level – it was what was happening in the mind, emotions and spirit that caused the physical. When I started working at this deeper level, I was able to “fix” things rather than just “band aid” them, which meant I no longer needed to go back and keep treating the same reoccurring issue over and over again.

The further along this path I went,  the more I started to see how my horses were mirroring me or mirroring what was happening in my life, often showing up things that were not in my awareness but in my subconscious. They showed these things through their behaviours, emotions, physical issues and unsoundness in the body or by getting sick. When I changed something within myself the horse’s behaviour changed or they became well. The success I was having with my own horses took me on the path of treating horses for others, eventuating in that becoming my full time profession. The same thing started happening with my client’s horses. When I would go to treat clients horses, the majority of the time it came down to treating something or addressing something in the owner or the rider which would fix a problem either in the horse’s health or soundness or in their behaviour or performance.


Mel Fleming
I was on a quest to ride horses in a way that was without force or tension and where the horse was truly a willing partner. One of my passions was dressage, to ride and dance with a horse that was full of power, athletic and balanced. The foundational idea behind dressage, to develop a horse through using correct biomechanics and strengthening its body so that it could reach its highest athletic potential in any discipline or go on to the echelons of higher levels of dressage, was very appealing to me. I wanted to do both – develop horses so that they were good all-rounders and good in any discipline, as well as have horses that could do all the high level dressage manoeuvres.

I had two talented warmblood horses in particular, who would not tolerate force or tension, even to the smallest degree and they pushed me along on this quest because the usual training methods whether traditional or using natural horsemanship did not work for them.  They were full of resistance, either by being impulsive, or not wanting to move forward, they had brace, were not free and soft in their movement, generally were not happy about being ridden and sometimes dangerous to ride, bucking and bolting.

I had to let go of everything I ever learned about riding and start afresh. I had to learn to ride without any tension and with no tightening or contracting of muscles in my body for any cue I gave. They were teaching me to ride without brace, resistance or tension in my mind. They were teaching me to be totally present, aware and feeling every moment of every moment, of every stride. They were teaching me about the intricate state of connection, feel, balance and alignment that both the horse and rider needed to be in. They were teaching me about a deep state of relaxation that was alive and full of energy. This was all congruent with my martial arts training. True power and athleticism can only come through deep relaxation, letting go and releasing as opposed to tightening and contracting the body. True and correct biomechanics and HQ engagement could only come from this place of deep relaxation. Achieving this quality in the physical body is only possible when we achieve a state of mind that is fully present, completely still and totally calm – even at the deeper subconscious levels of the mind and the emotions.

The horses were teaching me that they could respond to my thoughts and about the mind body connection.   When riding I had to keep asking myself “What do I have to change in my body to get them to change something in their body ? ” I had to do or feel in my body whatever it was that I wanted them to do. I had to connect, harmonize and synchronize with the horse and then I could get them to synchronize with me.

It was all about letting go in the mind and the body, letting go of all resistance tension and brace. Tension or brace in the body starts with tension or brace in the mind. My horses showed me how they wanted to be ridden and every horse I tried it on liked it.  This is how “Riding with Synchronicity” was born.

Tony’s work took all of this to a deeper level and was necessary for the students I was teaching to be able to find these deep qualities in themselves, hence the collaboration and teaching of courses together.


students-under-treeCome along with or without your horse.

Of course if you can bring your horse along your learning will be maximized as nothing beats hands on experience and having direct feedback from a supportive instructor to accelerate your learning. However the other option for attending these courses is to come and participate without a horse, in which case you would actively participate in all of the theory sessions, Q & A sessions, body awareness and balance sessions, healing/meditation sessions and most simulations, as well as watch the demonstrations and observe those with horses practice and experiment. Those participating without horses are not just auditors (listeners) or fence sitters – they are active participants and receive equal benefit, coaching and participation in the healing, meditation and simulation sessions as those bringing horses. These sessions without horses make up a large percentage of the course. So to be fair to those bringing horses we need to make the fee for those coming without horses equitable and their is HUGE value in coming without your horse. Taking people without horses also opens up the opportunity for more people to be able to attend.


Course 1:

Dec 8th-13th – Introductory Level Course – for those who have not done an Introductory ground work and riding course with me (Mel Fleming) before. You do not need to have  worked with Tony before. This course will include both ground work and riding.

Course 2:

Dec. 14th-19th – Intermediate Level Course –  for those who have done both the Introductory Groundwork and riding courses with me previously.

If you are not sure which is the best course for your to book into contact me and we can discuss it.


The investment to participate with your horse for each 6 day course is $1590 if you pay 50% deposit before Aug 31st. After that the price is $1800.  (Each course is limited to 8 people with horses – so book early if you don’t want to miss out.) 

The investment to participate without your horse for the 6 days is $1190 if you pay 50% deposit before Aug 31st. After that the price is $1350. (There is a day rate if you can’t attend the whole 6 days).

: If you are a raw beginner and/or feel very unconfident or unsafe in handling or riding your horse please contact me before registering and booking into this course with your horse. No stallions without prior permission.

For questions regarding the course content, horsemanship or eligibility for the course contact Mel

Private Sessions – Lessons, Saddle fitting & BALANCE saddle test rides, Healing sessions

Private lessons  ($120/hr), Saddle fittings and opportunities to test ride the BALANCE saddles are available on request. Saddle fittings with the BALANCE saddles take 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. cost $175.  
Healing sessions with Tony are $177/ session and are available for both horses and humans.
Please email to get more details or to book a session. Please let me know as soon as you can if you are interested in one of these sessions so we can plan and make sure we can fit you in.


Course Venue

Woody Pear Park
885 Acton Park Rd
Acton Park ( via Busselton)  WA

For details about the venue contact Paisley Walker


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