Empower Yourself – Spiritual and Healing Retreat – Bathurst, NSW – Feb 8-12

What is your biggest asset?
What is your biggest liability?

The answer to both is your mind. Your mind is either your biggest asset or your biggest liability. When you have control of your mind it becomes your biggest asset and when you don’t, it will be your biggest liability. This retreat can help your mind to become your greatest asset.


Do you feel stuck and your business, career, sporting goals or personal relationships are just not progressing as you desire?
Are you feeling lost, scattered, without purpose or disempowered ?

Do you ever wonder why you always seem to have bad luck with relationships, business, employment – difficult employees or employers?

Do you always seem to be having accidents or getting sick ?

Do you ever ask why does this keep happening to me or feel stuck in a rut?

Do you feel confused, can’t think clearly or are indecisive?
Do you often feel tired, stressed or that life is just not fun anymore?

Are you sick or having aches and pains?
Do you have chronic illness?

Are you depressed, anxious, fearful, have phobias or learning difficulties?
Do you suffer from insomnia and your brain just can’t stop?


This 5 day retreat is designed to empower you to get control of your mind and get you out of the rut and realise that you actually have unlimited possibilities and potential available to you. YOU have just as much potential and possibility as anybody else. Regain your health, vitality and personal power. Feel confident, courageous and inspired about life. Have the energy and mental and physical capacity to achieve your dreams, be happy, be successful, be at peace and enjoy your life. Repair and ignite new relationships and friendships, help family quarrels and feuds dissolve.

This is not the usual and same old positive thinking course rehashed with a different name. This retreat is unique because it delves deeply to find the source of the habitual and programmed thinking that controls and directs our behaviours. It finds the source of the restrictive emotions that block us. It helps you understand how the memories and energy that you carry continue to attract the same events and types of people into your life. That’s a good thing if your life is full of positive events and positive people but not good if your life is not full of good things.

Not only will you learn to find the source of these issues but you will learn to resolve the issues by breaking the energetic links that keep you attached to them. You will be empowered to do this yourself and be able to take these skills away with you. Those who have done this work before describe it as profoundly life changing. This course is not just about affirmations and positive thinking where you have to keep reminding yourself to think positive. When things are changed at their energetic roots the limiting thoughts, the sabotaging voices in your head and the restrictive and damaging emotions that plague you, just simply will not show up any more. You will be in control of your own mind and your life. You will be free to live to your highest potential and find peace and happiness.

Investment to change your life:

$1170 or$234/day


Feb 8th-12th


1 Melrose Drive, Raglan ( via Bathurst) , NSW


To register or for more information about the course contact:

Tony Robinson 0412 925 260




Tony Robinson is a rare individual who has been on quest to find peace and happiness in his life, a quest to enjoy life and not be limited by his own or others limitations and the conditioned thinking of society. At 28 he defied doctors when they said he would never walk or work again.  At 30 he defied the medical world again by growing the back the cartilage in his knees when it is believed that can’t be done. Not prepared to accept what most people just accept as “the way it is” and believe the limitations placed on him by others he proved to himself the power he had when taking control of his own mind instead of just believing what others told him.

Tony had an inquiring mind that just kept asking ”why” . Why were things the way they were, why did things happen the way they did, why did people get sick, why did they not heal, why did patterns keep repeating in people’s lives?   As horseman with a great love of horses, Tony’s horses played a major role in helping him find the answers. He began to realize the consciousness that animals had and combining that with a connection to God, he started finding answers.

Tony has been able to help people cure themselves of what doctors had classified as incurable sicknesses, help people with anxiety, depression, learning difficulties and phobias even surprising psychologists with the results, as well as helping people work with horses that were put aside as beyond help or untrainable. By sharing what he learned to help himself and with his great love and compassion for people Tony helps ordinary people to live extraordinary lives by helping people to remove the blocks that are holding them back and allowing them to find peace, happiness and success in their lives. He opens the door to infinite possibilities for all.




Tony Robinson’s treatments are all about finding and releasing the hidden issues and blockages that are holding people back in their lives.

These blockages come from many sources: genetic, cellular level or energetic level and they may be from our current life or past lives.

These blockages also take different forms, beginning by manifesting as reoccurring and habitual patterns of thought or behavior, they then often manifest into physical illness. They begin when we hold onto emotions, such as feelings of betrayal or anger. These feelings are trying to get our attention, and if we ignore the messages to examine our thoughts and behaviours, they manifest  into energetic and physical blockages and eventually disease. Sometimes people don’t understand why they’re feeling an emotion such as anger, but it becomes trapped in the body and then keeps reappearing in different circumstances until they acknowledge it and work to release it.

Asking ‘why is this happening in my life?’ can help us to find answers and release beliefs and behaviours that are no longer serving us. However, if we’re only looking at the issues we’re currently conscious of, we can miss the underlying causes.

While we may be aware of issues from our current life, such as childhood events, and of some generational issues that have caused patterns of behaviour within our families, many of the blockages Tony works to release are below the conscious level, they are in the subconscious. For this reason, they can cause us to feel blocked without any understanding of why we feel that way. This can be frustrating as well as limiting.

Tony’s way of treating people can bring them to a better understanding of why they are experiencing their current circumstances.  It also helps them to let go of the blockages when they realize they have no further use for a particular way of thinking.

Tony’s work empowers people to learn to do this for themselves, through deep relaxation and meditating with specific intentions in specific areas of the body. When people reach a place where they truly want to live without anything holding them back, they can do so – they can step into their full potential. This has to be experienced to be truly understood.

 How do deep energetic blockages affect me physically?

Quantum Science explains that energy is what makes up all physical objects. We and all physical things are just energy particles vibrating at different frequencies.  So our bodies are fundamentally energy systems. When the energy flow is disrupted blockages occur. These blockages may be in our aura, chakras, mind, or any parts of the physical body including our fascia (connective tissue).

Our thoughts, emotions and memories are also energy and the energy of our thoughts, emotions and memories becomes embedded in the physical cells of the body – changing the cells and affecting how they function. Positive thoughts, emotions and memories affect the cells in a positive way, keeping energy flowing freely and promoting health in mind and body. Mobility, flexibility, strength and athleticism, high energy, lightness and enthusiasm result. Negative thoughts, emotions and memories trapped in the cells lead to restricted or blocked energy flows which promote cell dysfunction, restricted movement, tight muscles, stiff sore joints, low energy and lethargy, heaviness, aches and pains, sickness, disease, depression and general ill health.

Physical issues or illnesses draw our attention to the deeper emotional and energetic layers that need to be acknowledged and released.

How do these blockages affect my animals – horses and other pets ?

 Our horses and other pets are affected by these trapped and buried emotions. They may take on some of the burdens that we carry to help us get through our lives but this affects their health and wellbeing.

They will also reflect what we are carrying or holding in our subconscious through their behaviors. When we observe their behaviors and see things we don’t like or that are not what we want, then we need to ask ourselves, ‘Where are we acting like that or thinking or feeling like that in our lives?’.

This is especially the case with horses. For example, a horse that is extremely fearful can be showing us fear that we carry or a horse that is angry can be showing us anger that is buried deep inside us.  When our horses buck, rear, bite, won’t go or can’t stand still – that is just communication and often reflections of us. Of course horses and our other animals can have their own emotional issues from various sources that may need to be cleared but a big percentage of their issues are coming directly from us.

How do these blockages affect my horsemanship and my riding?

 As mentioned above many of the horse’s problem behaviours are a result of our emotional issues, but there is another way that our blockages affect our horsemanship and our riding. The trapped and buried emotions that we have inside stop us from accessing all the qualities we need to have to be great horse people. They prevent us from being calm, centered and grounded and still. They prevent us from connecting to the horse and having physical feel and balance. They stop us from moving freely and being agile in our body. They stop us from thinking clearly and understanding things properly. These blocks and emotional issues hinder us in every way, because when they body is locked up and tight with tension nothing can work properly and try as you might to get the body to do as you ask, the message just doesn’t get through and the body just can’t do it.





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