Tony Robinson Treatments

Master Healer, Horseman and Bodyworker –

Tony’s healing work is not only limited to horses and horsemanship. He can work with any animal and can usually help with all ailments, emotional or physical issues in animals and people.

Tony is co-teaching most of the courses that I teach. He teaches the healing aspects of horsemanship – addressing  the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of healing. The element that he adds takes everything that I teach to a higher level and I believe that this teaching is critical to help us attain force free horsemanship and the highest levels of performance. However, this is only one aspect of what he does. Tony helps people and animals all around the world with individual healing sessions.

Tony’s treatments can be done live (in person) or remotely (distant healing consultations). Whilst this might seem impossible to some, his success rate in being able to help many, even those in despair, who were almost giving up on any hope of ever getting better, overcoming debilitating sickness or injuries, or overwhelming emotional states such as depression or anxiety is huge.

If you would like to contact him to talk with him and see if he can help you or your animals you can contact him on:-

Phone or text – 0412 925 260
FB message – Tony Robinson the Wanderer
Email –

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