Intermediate Course “Alchemy Place” Moonbi, NSW April 6-10



Participants in this course will have needed to have previously attended an Introductory clinic with me. On some occasions people may request permission to attend by submitting a video of themselves working with their horse on the ground and riding. Please email me for details regarding this.

The content of this course will be based upon the following, but will be adapted to specifically target the needs of the horses and riders that are attending.

We will begin by reviewing, expanding and improving upon the concepts learned in the Introductory course.

Then advance the ground skills with more precision, more responsiveness and with a better understanding of the biomechanics of the horse. Explore transitions, changes of direction, sideways and also using longer lines.

Both you and your horse will develop confidence which means safety and better performance.

Learn exercises to improve rider balance and learn more details about riding dynamics and how to flow with the horse in perfect harmony, this includes learning about trot diagonals and canter leads.

Learn about posture, self carriage, balance and biomechanics for both the horse and rider and how to enhance these through ground work and riding. Start to develop HQ engagement and collection in the horse.

Some more specific areas of learning would be :-

Reading and understanding your horse more accurately.
Deepening your Connection with your horse, developing intuitive communication.
Getting your horse more calm, connected, responsive and athletic.
Developing Feel, Energy awareness and how to use energy.
Becoming clear  and more precise with Body Language.
Using ground skills as a diagnostic tool and for your horse’s emotions and  as physical therapy for your horse.
Using obstacles to create visually clear mental pictures and “games” to help your horse learn.
Putting ground skills to purpose eg. trailer loading, crossing bridges, creeks etc.
How to better “go with” your horses movement.
Helping the horse to better follow your focus and line of direction.
Riding from your centre with a unified body.
Refining your aids, by using your body more and the reins less.
Clearing emotions in your horse and yourself.
Learning bodywork and horse care practices to improve your horse’s physical health and well being as well as improve and develop their physical capability, athleticism and performance.


This course will be co-taught with Tony Robinson – Master Healer, Horseman and Bodyworker. Tony’s highest area of expertise is in the spiritual, emotional and energetic elements of horse and human interactions. Tony will teach the healing aspects of horsemanship – addressing both the emotional and physical aspects of healing. This healing will calm the mind, clear the unresolved emotions that are impeding progress and causing physical issues in the body, free the physical body from restrictions and heal injuries – all of this for both the horses and humans. This teaching is critical to help us attain force free horsemanship and the highest levels of performance. It also takes us into the deeper spiritual levels of horsemanship which helps us understand the connections and interactions between horses and humans.



Come along with or without your horse. Of course if you can bring your horse along your learning will be maximised as nothing beats hands on experience and having direct feedback from a supportive instructor to accelerate your learning. However the other option for attending these courses is to come along as a participant without a horse where you will participate in all of the theory sessions, Q & A sessions, most of the body awareness and balance sessions and simulations (although this may depend on numbers as some of these sessions might need to be restricted to those bringing horses), watch the demonstrations and observe those with horses practice and experiment with the exercises and tasks.



The cost to come with your horse is $975 for the 5 days if you pay a 50% deposit before Jan 31. After that date the price will be $1155.
The cost to come without your horse is $95/day or $475.

PLEASE NOTE:  Your horse must be started and rideable unless you just choose to do the ground work components. No stallions allowed without prior permission.

For questions regarding the course content, horsemanship or eligibility for the course contact Mel

Private Sessions – Lessons, Saddle fitting & BALANCE saddle test rides, Healing sessions

Private lessons  ($110/hr), Saddle fittings and opportunities to test ride the BALANCE saddles are available on request. Saddle fittings with the BALANCE saddles take 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. cost $150.  
Healing sessions with Tony are $177/ session and are available for both horses and humans.
Please email to get more details or to book a session. Please let me know as soon as you can if you are interested in one of these sessions so we can plan and make sure we can fit you in.


 Course Venue

“Alchemy Place”
413 Gaol Creek Rd Moonbi, NSW

Camping  $15/night/person
Power use $5/night
Horse stay $10/night/day

There is a fully equipped kitchen for your use to self cater, with fridges, freezer (limited freezer space), stove top, oven, microwave, kettle, toaster, sandwhich press, cooking utensils, plates, cutlery etc. as well as  toilet & shower facilities.

For more details about the venue

or contact Mel


Start and Finish Times:

9:30am – 5pm



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Alchemy Place 5 day Intermediate course WITH HORSE

50% deposit 

Alchemy Place 5 day Introductory course AUDITOR position 

50% deposit

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