Pre-Loved BALANCE saddles

Zenith Dressage Black 8X C – nearly brand new – hardly been used. $3000

Zenith GPD Black 8X C – with pads – $2800

Nexus Dressage saddle – not sure of all the details yet.

Zenith GPD 8X C – $2500

Felix GPD 8X C – $2500

Zenith GPD 9X C Black – brand new – but discounted price because there is a slight aesthetic flaw in the saddle that was caused during transit.  (200 pounds discounted off the new price) – Approx. $3300

Contact Mel for details about these saddles or to test ride them.

To give you an approx. idea of the cost of  New BALANCE saddles as a comparison, including shipping to Australia, a basic set of pads and import duties you are looking at about:-

Zenith, Felix and Nexus models -A$4000. 
Equinox model – A$3500
Xtreme Jump or Dressage saddles – A$4500.

Of course this is subject to the exchange rate – this was calculated for the exchange rate in Dec 2017.


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