Pre-Loved BALANCE saddles

Nexus Dressage saddle –

Nexus Jump saddle – J2 tree width, 17 1/2″ seat, tan – $2300

Felix GPD 7X Black B length $2600

Zenith GPD 9X C Black – brand new – but discounted price because there is a very slight aesthetic flaw in the saddle that was caused during transit.  (200 pounds discounted off the new price).

There are used saddles coming in all the time so if you are looking for one let me know or let me know if you have one to re-home.

Contact Mel for details about these saddles or to test ride them.

A word of advice -beware of purchasing 2nd hand saddles if you have not carefully inspected them – panels can be damaged or the flocking settled unevenly due to storing the saddles carelessly, padding incorrectly or riders riding crooked in them. I have also seen where saddles have been altered and reflocked so they no longer work like BALANCE saddles. When I resell second hand saddles – I have personally checked them to make sure they are in good order.



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