Connecting with Horses & Ground Skills – Introductory course – Moonbi – July 1-3

Connection & Feel


Three full days to immerse yourself in learning the philosophy and techniques of “Connecting with  Horses and Riding with Synchronicity”. This course will be beneficial for all who are new to my teaching whether they are a beginner or had years of experience.

It begins to teach people how to understand their horse’s minds, emotions and their physical bodies. It teaches the core principles of centering, breathing, body scanning, energy awareness, body language and intuitive and physical feel, which are the essential keys to success with horses.

As well as teaching the subtlety of energy this course also teaches  in detail the physical aspects of skills, techniques and use of equipment needed for good horsemanship.

Great horsemanship all starts on the ground. Begin the journey to becoming a “true” horseman – “True” meaning what horses would consider a horseman.

  • Connect with your horse’s heart and mind.

  • Learn the principles and qualities of great leadership

  • Learn the art of nonverbal communication – thoughts, energy and body language

  • Learn how horses learn

  • Develop safe horse handling skills and habits on the ground and riding.

2013-04-22 15.04.40-3 Peta Valentino connecting

Learn techniques on the ground that help horses to use their bodies with healthy biomechanics and lead into the fundamental aids and techniques used to ride horses in harmony and in a collected and engaged way.

The qualities of feel, timing and balance learned on the ground will help develop the skills you need to be a great rider.

As well as connecting with the horse, Mel specializes in teaching people to understand equine posture, balance and  biomechanics,  engagement and collection.

This will be of particular importance to dressage riders but it is actually very important at its most fundamental level to riders of all disciplines, including trail riders.

This course will teach people the beginnings of this learning. These principles can also be applied to driving and harness horses.

Come along with or without your horse.

IMG_0018 2

Of course if you can bring your horse along your learning will be maximized as nothing beats hands on experience and having direct feedback from a supportive instructor to accelerate your learning.

However the other option for attending these courses is to come along as an auditor (that is a participant without a horse) where you will participate in all of the theory sessions, Q & A sessions, most of the body awareness and balance sessions and simulations (this may depend on numbers – some of these sessions might need to be restricted to those bringing horses) watch the demonstrations and observe those with horses practice and experiment with the exercises.


The  investment to come with your horse for this 3 day course  is $595. The investment to come without your horse is $65/day or $195 for the 3 days.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a raw beginner and/or feel very unconfident or unsafe in handling or riding your horse please contact me before registering and booking into this course with your horse. No stallions without prior permission.

For questions regarding the course content, horsemanship or eligibility for the course contact Mel


“Alchemy  Place” Moonbi, NSW

For details about the venue and  horse and human stay go to the “Alchemy Place” page or contact me. or 0428 385 745

Start and Finish Times:

9:00am – 5:00pm

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Alchemy Place 3 day Introductory course WITH HORSE

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