Easter Retreat – Communion with Horses – April 10-14


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The Easter Retreat is intended to be  a bit different than the other courses although many have said that coming to “Alchemy Place” for any course is a retreat like experience. In the Easter Retreat the intention is to venture to a deeper emotional and spiritual level with ourselves and our horses.
This is a multi – level course, where we venture into a new paradigm in horsemanship  – Reciprocal leadership – Horses as teachers and healers.
Great Horsemanship is more about a “Way of Being” rather than “What we Do”.  Horses teach us just as much and probably more, than we will ever teach them. Whilst we have to learn to be leaders for our horses, our horses at another level, are actually leading us. 


As well as learning horsemanship, this course will take you deeper into the horse/human connection. Each horse and human combination will be worked with individually at a level that is appropriate in terms of horsemanship skills, but where this course differs is giving more focus to looking deeply at ourselves and how we may be influencing and affecting our horse’s behaviour.

We will delve deeper into the horse and human connection and allow horses to give us insight as to where we need to heal emotionally, spiritually and physically. This course is a mix of Horsemanship, Equine Facilitated Personal Development and Healing for Horses and Humans. It could be a break through experience for people struggling with their partnership with their horse or who just feel that there is a block to making progress. Even if you can’t bring your own horse, working with one of the horses here at “Alchemy Place” could give you a lot of insight.

We need to learn how to “be” in our  thoughts, emotions  and physical bodies. How to be still, calm, centred and free at all levels of the mind, emotions, body and spirit. In this state we can find the intrinsic qualities of horsemen, feel, timing, balance and connection.

In this state your body will start to feel, flow and be coordinated. You will feel connected to your horse mentally and physically. You will find balance when you ride because you are balanced within yourself. In this way we can ride horses in the way they want to be ridden, with balance, freedom, energy, athleticism, calmness & softness. Interacting with horses and riding with softness, lightness and ease is the dream that most people have but struggle to find in reality.  Know that it is possible. We just need to find and develop these qualities inside ourselves.  When we find it in ourselves, then we can find it in our horses.

Smoky canteringHorses mirror and reflect us. While we think we are training horses in actual fact they are training us how to “be”. In this course, not only will you learn the physical aspects and techniques, the “doings”,  of Connecting with Horses and Riding with Synchronicity but in addition there will be a highlight on developing the deeper, inner qualities of horsemanship through meditation and body awareness sessions with ourselves and with the horses.

What happens when we tap into the energy field of the horse when we are open to learning, evolving, letting go and exploring ourselves more?
What do horses teach us about ourselves?

This course is for anyone who is looking for that “something else” with horses.  For those who are looking for a way to be with horses which emanates from love, compassion and understanding. For those who believe there is more to be had in their connection with their horse.


Investment for this unique experience:


Pay in full by Jan 30th Pay 50% by Feb 20th After Feb 20th
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To reap the full benefits of the experience we recommend you camp on site so you are able to stay fully immersed in the atmosphere, however there are motels very near by. Camping with an unpowered site and accommodation for your horse is included in this price. Camping with power is an extra $5/day.

To find out more and whether this course will suit you give me a call 0428 385 745.


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