Distance Learning and Support.

I have been working on ways to support students more and to provide some remote learning opportunities.

This has taken the form of :-

  • A Facebook  page
  • Lessons with Mel – Facebook  support group for students who have recently attended courses with me.
  • Webinar DVD coaching – private coaching sessions

Facebook  page

A way to connect students to each other, to provide  inspirational quotes  and educational savvy tips and to keep people informed and up to date  about courses and activites. If you would like to stay connected go and LIKE the page. Louise Campbell has been helping me with this page and took many of the beautiful photographs that are on there. So far we have received amazing feedback, and are inspired to keep going with it, as we we have had posts on there shared and viewed by thousands and are receiving  feedback from all over the world. Here is the link.
Connecting with Horses & Riding with Synchronicity.

 Lessons with Mel

This a closed FaceBook group for students who have done courses with me.  The idea of this group is that like minded and committed students can connect as well as being a supportive and educational group where students can ask me questions. Since most people often have similar questions, sharing the answer among everyone in the group is very helpful.

If you have done a “Connecting with Horses & Riding with Synchronicity” (CHRS) course with me and would like to join the group  here is the link . Click the join button and then I can add you in.

Video Coaching

If you get stuck or need some help to keep progressing, I can support you through video coaching. There are various ways of doing this – over the phone, via email or via a private webinar. How does it work? You send me a video, in the mail or you can send it via YouTube and keep it private so that no one else can see it. If you decide to do the webinar option (it is the best option but you do need a fast internet connection) we set up a time and via a webinar host we view the video together.

With the webinar option, we can both watch the video at the same time as well as talk.  I can control the playback of the video on both my computer and yours and play, fast forward, pause, rewind etc as we talk and discuss the video. The feedback from this so far has been that it is extremely helpful. Viewing yourself while receiving feedback is a very powerful learning tool and seeing the picture and matching it to the feeling accelerates learning manifold.

The cost for this distant coaching is $66 per session. This includes a 30 – 45 min web call and you can submit up to 15 mins of video. If you do not have access to fast enough internet you can send in the video and I can view it and provide you with feedback and coaching via phone or email.

Advantages of distant coaching – no travel, do it in your own time where and when it suits you and viewing yourself while receiving feedback is a very powerful learning tool. We sometimes video in clinics and use the video for coaching students because it is so helpful and seeing the picture and matching it to the feeling accelerates learning manifold. Distance coaching is perfect when used as a support system in between courses. When I only get to see people every 6 mths or less it is a long time in between feedback and coaching sessions. This means that bad habits can sneak in or you are just not progressive enough for your horse or your self and as the old addage says “when you are not going forward you are actually going backwards”.

Phone Consultations

$22/15 min for phone consultations


Email  Mel to book a session

For  direct deposits make payments to :-
Synquest Pty Ltd Sales Acc.
BSB 082 842
Acc.# 189 434 768
(please put your name in for the details)



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